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Milestone is a private international distributor and trading firm. We strive to scale new heights of innovative ideas and strategies, with our several years experience of import and distribution network. The basic function of firm is to source, market and distribute different national and international products to the end consumer. Milestone is an organization established in the year 2010 with the aim to market products under the vision of quantum scalar energy. With the passage of time it expanded and introduced other end consumer products like Water Filter, Plug and Safe and Aloe Vera Juice.
Since the start, we have had developed a number of heartwarming relationships with our customers, vendors, our principles and industry peers. Our marketing plans are well established, flexible, and market oriented that cope up needs and wants of ever changing market place and target audience. Further company is aware of social and moral values of today's society and focusing organic products and deliverable to serve the society.
With the firm commitment to serve customers and meet their expectations, we have developed and maintained a requisite quality culture within the organization that ensures to have a competitive advantage over the others.
One of the key objectives of the company is to continuously evaluate and employ latest technology to make our service level and distribution operational model better than ever.

Mission Statement:

We exist to certainly and persistently nurture health, wealth and well being of our stakeholders; the customers, principals, employees and the whole society.

Vision Statement:

''We endeavor to be trusted by all our business partners and become the most professionally managed distribution company in the region''

Our Values:

Faith: We believe that our prosperity comes from the Almighty Allah and we try to take care it positively.
Leadership: With the proven track records, we aim to always remain leader in the distribution field.
Integrity: We operate with integrity and guarded principles of professionalism to earn success.
Customer Satisfaction: We treat customers as our lifeblood.
Accountability: We focus on results rather than the appearances hence implement a transparent evaluation system.

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