Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumor

Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risks of many well-known health problems. An international working group of scientist, researchers, and public health policy professionals (the Bioinitiative Working Group, www.bioinitiative.org) has come up with the following risks in their report on electromagnetic fields and health: Brain tumours (malignant glioma). Acoustic neuroma (tumour of the auditory nerve in the brain). Leukemia Effects on (base) cellular communication, metabolism and repair. Alzheimer's disease. Changes in brainwave activity. Changes in immune function.(allergic and inflammatory responses) Sleep disorders and fatigue. Cardiac effects. Headaches and migraines. Lowered sperm counts. Blood-brain barrier damage. Dizziness. Increased blood pressure. Loss of concentration. Impairment of memory, attention and cognitive function. DNA damage. Effects on cancer surveillance within the body. Children in particular are vulnerable to harm from electromagnetic radiation because their bodies are still developing their skulls are thinner and their bones not as dense making it easier for EMF to penetrate. With such a long list of possible long-term health effects of EMR, we cannot afford to be complacent. We have to start using some kind of EMF protection. The technology that produces EMF is everywhere around us, is beneficial in many ways and it's here to stay. We want to help people minimize EMF health risks in their environment and offer EMF protection.

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